Why Yoga for runners

Runners are often reluctant to try yoga. Their fear is that they are not flexible enough. For yoga4running no yoga experience is necessary, it is suitable for every body type. You can start at every age regardless of physical condition and know that those who are the stiffest have the most to gain.

Running and yoga seem opposites, but in fact yoga and running reinforce each other.
Running emphasis, like many other sports, the muscles in a unilateral way by many repetitions resulting in musculoskeletal imbalances. This may lead to injuries. Yoga4running restores balance and symmetry to the body, making it the perfect complement to running for both the beginners and the experienced runners.
Another positive effect is, it improves the general awareness of your body. You learn to very deliberately and quietly listen to your body so you recognise the imbalance and minor discomfort in an early stage and can prevent injuries. Because of this increased awareness you will also notice that you can better cope with fatigue during workouts and by making use of your breathing, you can even slow down the acidification in your muscles.

Yoga4running furthermore builds strengthens and flexibility in your muscles and joints, which reduces the risk of injury, it improves your blood flow and increases your stamina and concentration. This keeps your body healthy, agile and powerful which helps you to relax more and to run with fun and injury free.